e features which to him were the dearest in the world. “Ta

ke this ornament,” she said; “I have many of them.... Take this pin and clasp too.” Ninus bent her head to conceal her delight. “Generous girl!” she exclaimed, “who would not gladly serve a maiden fair as Aphrodite and blooming as Artemis?” “Offer your thanks to Doris,

  • ” said the veiled figure. “She persuaded me to come. She has told you all, e

    ven that terrible thing—the worst misfortune which could befall me.” 138 XII. Hip

    yllos strained his attention to the utmo

  • st. Ninus herself seemed to become somewhat thoughtful at hearing the girl?/p>

    痵 words. “Why don’t you speak to your mother?” she said. “Ah, no, no! Mother wi

    ll not venture to help me. She wants onl

  • y what my father desires.” Ninus was silent a moment. “Yet there is no

    other way,” she said. “You must either go to your mother or do what Doris advises.”

    “Follow Doris’ advice?” cried the ve

  • iled figure impetuously. “No, never, never! What are you asking? I should die with shame.” How eagerly Hipyllos listened. Here was something he did not understand.

  • “True,” replied Ninus, “it must be torture to a respectable girl. Yet to him....” The muffled figure hastily interrupted her. “Yes,” she said, “I know whom you

  • mean.” A faint smile flitted over Ninus’ pallid features. “Aha!” she murmured. “You are afraid I might utter his name, and that it might be an ill-omen. So you

  • think of him very often, pretty maid?” The young girl bent her head with a bewitching air of embarrassment. “Then it is true,” Ninus persisted, “you often think o

  • f him?” 139 “Always,” was the reply. Hipyllos could have hugged the sorceress for that one word. “Girl,” said Ninus suddenly, “is your mind devout and your b

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